Visionary Landmark

The HPQ LIVING residential ensemble was designed by the internationally renowned star architect star architect Hadi Teherani, and its twin towers will make it a new landmark building in the Main metropolis.

Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Penthouse Highside Hadi Teherani Architetcs

„Our buildings tell stories about the place, the time,the city community, about philanthropy, beauty and happiness. My designs are meant to inspire the people inspire the people who live in them to new ideas.“

Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Hadi Teherani Architetcs
Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Hadi Teherani Architetcs


Futuristic, spectacular, strong in character: the buildings of Hadi Teherani’s buildings are crystal-clear statements of the highest relevance – worldwide and also in Germany. The „Dancing Towers“ in Hamburg-St.Pauli or the „Kranhäuser“ on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne, for example, have become have become architectural icons.

„It is the architect’s task to deal creatively with the situation on site,“ says Teherani. The proximity of the water to the HPQ LIVING inspired him to use the pebble shape as the base for the twin towers.

„It breaks the right angle, which creates great sightlines. Moreover, flowing forms bring a quantum leap in the quality of living.“ This way, the future residents can rediscover their (living) world anew every day.

HPQ Living

The concept of the HPQ LIVING residential ensemble in the HAFENPARK QUARTIER Hadi Teherani’s decades of experience merge with a vision born out of the location. The result is a unique living space for people who feel just as much at home in nature as they do in a modern as they do in a modern metropolis with all its possibilities.

Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Eigentumswohnung Penthouse Terrasse